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From outline concept to technical delivery, great care and attention is taken at every step. Working closely with you and other professions, we aim to deliver the optimum lighting scheme for you and your project, in the most pleasant and least stressful manner. Reliable to maintain, simple to use, the latest technology and beautiful.


From well know brands in the lighting world, right through to the more technical and architectural products, there is simply nothing we can’t provide. Spending hundreds of man hours each year travelling the continents to manufacturers, factories, trade-shows and exhibitions, you can be sure we will objectively choose the right product for your project.


With nearly 40 Years of combined experience, we are available to provide the necessary technical support, whether it is for your own team of contractors, or our own specialist installers. Our aim is to make your project experience as stress free, friendly and enjoyable as possible.

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Our team of Lighting Specialists would love to speak to you about your project. Furthermore, we have several examples of our products at our Showroom. Contact us to learn more about our range of products and services today.